Mobile Crane Operator Training

mobilecraneoperatorMobile Crane Operator Qualification(MCO-A/J)

This is a great introductory course for students wishing to take our “NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Certification Prep” course, which prepares students for the rigorous NCCCO written and practical exams.

This five day course is intended for those who work around mobile cranes, but lack the experience necessary to operate. It is also for those who currently operate but lack the education and testing necessary to be considered competent and qualified as defined by federal regulations. Applicable OSHA regulations and current ANSI/ASME standards are covered in detail. There are two (2) award qualifications for this program:

Apprentice (Trainee): Has no operating experience. Shall be considered a trainee as stated in ANSI/ASME B30.5-3.1.2(d); therefore while operating a crane, the trainee must be under the direct supervision of a designated, qualified operator. Journeyman: Has a minimum of two years operating experience, but lack the education and testing necessary to be designated as a qualified operator as stated in ANSI/ASME B30.5-3.1.2(a)-(c).

Lattice Boom Crane Operator

This five day course is identical to our Mobil Crane Operator Qualification course in depth and topics covered, however it is specifically designed for those who want to operate lattice boom cranes.


Safety Resources Unlimited, Inc. is fully accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) to administer both written and practical exams leading to Certification by NCCCO.

This three day course is intended for experienced Mobile Crane Operators only. It should be considered an advanced training program and is designed to prepare candidates to take the certification exams offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Mobile Crane Operators (NCCCO). During the prep training, candidates will receive instruction on the four domains that they will be tested on (work site, crane operation, technical knowledge and load capacity charts).

We will arrange for International Assessment Institute to administer the NCCCO written exams. After candidates have completed their written exams, Safety Resources will begin conducting the practical exams. All practical exams will be administered by our NCCCO accredited practical examiner. Practical exams can also be scheduled on demand for all three NCCCO categories by contacting our Training Coordinator to set up a date and time.


Safety Resources specializes in customized training programs tailored to the specific day to day crane applications of each customer. Training is available at our location or yours. Call today 1-866-677-7795 and let us help you make your job sites safe.