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Crane Inspection Services

Crane Inspections performed by Safety Resources located in Oklahoma City meet OSHA regulations, ASME standards, PCSA standards, and requirements set forth by the Crane Manufacturer. Our inspection procedures are performed in two phases as explained below.

Initial inspections begin with a thorough visual overview of the entire crane. An operational test is performed next, to ensure all crane functions operate properly. Safety devices are then tested for proper operation and accuracy. Finally we review inspection and maintenance records to verify the manufacturer’s service requirements have been met.

After the initial inspection has been performed, we provide a written report detailing deficiencies that were discovered or listing recommendations, which may prevent future maintenance problems or safety hazards. Our reports include the crane manufacturer’s parts lists and maintenance instructions to assist the servicing facility.

Upon completion of any required repairs or adjustments, the final inspection is performed. This entails another visual and operational inspection, paying particular attention to any and all repairs or adjustments, which were noted on the initial inspection. If structural components were repaired or replaced, a load test is performed, at the customer’s request. Testing criteria and results are recorded and documented.

After the final inspection and required testing have been completed, a certification number is assigned, final documentation is prepared, and certification decals are issued for placement on the crane.

Crane identification information and inspection status are input into a data base allowing us to send notification two months prior to the expiration date of the annual inspection.